Hello Readers

My name is Sakhile Mogale. Two words that my friends use to describe me are ‘Extrovert’ and ‘ Opinionated. ‘ I do indeed see myself as an extrovert who loves to meet new people and thereby establishing connections, be they long-term or not. I believe in the power of encounters. Encounters make one learn something new at any given point in time. Knowledge acquired is invaluable, either for the good or the bad, but hopefully you are acquiring knowledge that will nurture you.

I am an individual who prides herself in her opinions and worldviews. What is a subject matter without an opinion? One has an opinion about everything, whether parochial by definition or a more open-minded liberal approach, but nevertheless that particular opinion will be expressed. I tend to take a more open-minded view, as I believe that is the best way to learn about our surroundings and other extrinsic factors that influence the way people do the things they do.

The primary reason for starting this blog is because I am passionate about writing and words. Words are my life. I live,eat and breathe words. They are an intrinsic part of who I am and I express myself quite beautifully through words. I fancy myself to be quite the writer. I am also a poet and I revel in this talent of expressing myself poetically.

I will be writing opinion piece articles. The reason why I cannot concentrate on any one subject at a time is because my mind is everywhere and I would much rather express my opinion about a myriad of topics. This is an exciting journey for me. I am hoping we can all interact and make this a fun and informative blog. Let us make it happen people!

Cheerios for now. Let the blogging begin 🙂


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