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Write. Speak. Motivate. The day you choose to consciously make an impact in the lives of others through experiences,lessons,teachings ,sharing, you would have ignited the desire and passion for aspiring for more. When you write your aim is to send a message across. What kind of message are you sending across when you present yourself… Continue reading Write|Speak|Motivate

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Amaze Me

Amaze me Enlighten me Take me On a journey Of a thousand miles Shake my resolve Cajole my thoughts Challenge my beliefs Refine my missions Sharpen my visions Re-ignite my passions Laugh at my silly jokes Hold my hand in tough times Make me smile It doesn't cost a dime Take me dancing Let us… Continue reading Amaze Me

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Get Cracking!

A very good high school friend of mine used to utter this statement with so much zest, ''Nothing gives me the kicks like a really good challenge.'' That statement stuck with me and has motivated me  to approach challenges with oomph and with the mind-set to take  from each challenge a lesson that will contribute… Continue reading Get Cracking!

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Against All Odds: The World Is Your Oyster

It is often assumed that in order to be successful or to make an impact in the lives of many you must be in a position where you have a backing of resources to propel you towards this journey. The error with such an assumption has placed many a people at a great disadvantage because… Continue reading Against All Odds: The World Is Your Oyster

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Right At This Very Moment

Here I am at 12:43 am, past midnight, wide awake (while everything else around me in the vicinity is still -a tad eerie - and the only sound I can hear is that of me frantically typing away) and musing to myself about the very nature of the human species. The very concept of breathing… Continue reading Right At This Very Moment

Articles Galore, Writer's Haven

5 Signs That You Are Not Where You Want To Be In Life

Life can be so much fun, purposeful, and full of energy-induced vigour and plenty of joie de vivre moments. Hooray, you say! What happens though when your life is not at all the life you envisioned for yourself? Where others see roses and blossoming orchids you see misery, dreary and ever so bleak outlooks. When… Continue reading 5 Signs That You Are Not Where You Want To Be In Life