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Fail Fast, Fail Forward

In life you are only a failure if you have NEVER tried. You are NEVER a failure if you have tried and didn’t get the result you had hoped for.

Failure is nothing more than feedback to show you to revise your plan and look at it from a different perspective. Failing after an attempt is NO GROUNDS for giving up.

In entrepreneurship circles, it’s often said that you should ‘fail fast, fail forward.’

Don’t take too long to get up after a setback. Use the freshness of a recent failure to analyse your steps and then rectify and move forward. Period. Try people. Go for the things you think you cannot do.

How will you know what you can do if you never try? Ask yourself, ‘what is the worst that could happen?’ The worst is NEVER quite the ‘worst’ you imagine in your head.

You over think as a human being and that’s why you imagine worst case scenarios even before you start. Think, but also take action. Action changes things.

You are NEVER a failure if you try. Remember that. Fail fast, fail forward.

Move forward.

Action changes things.

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