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Dance, The Heartbeat of Life

"There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them," so says Vicky Baum. I am inclined to agree. Dancing is one of the most beautiful forms of expression known to man. It is an energy-induced, heart-pumping, rhythm-galore form of expression. It is beautiful. It screams freedom at every turn. You let your hair… Continue reading Dance, The Heartbeat of Life

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Free thy spirit, let my dreams roam free

Torn Lost Dismantled fragments Yesteryear yearnings Unfulfilled desires My soul screams Untapped dreams Breaking out of their shell The excruciating agony Fears abound Chaining me to the ground Akin to a persistent dog hound. My spirit yearns for desires further afield Dreams floating on magical spheres Squashing fears like a bug My spirit yearns to… Continue reading Free thy spirit, let my dreams roam free

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Greater Society, hear out the fringers

In a world that impresses upon one to uphold a certain image or abide by certain standards to be given a modicum of recognition, it becomes harder and harder for the voices that drum against the beat of conformity to find their firm gripping on the nomenclature of society. When you reek of 'otherness' ,… Continue reading Greater Society, hear out the fringers

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You Can. Period

Let's not dilly dally and invent believable excuses about why you cannot do what you purport to do about your goals and dreams. You are psyching yourself up by giving colourful, albeit, bad excuses about why you shouldn't do what you know will get you to the next big milestone, an octave higher, further afield.… Continue reading You Can. Period