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I Am Still Waiting For Your Promises Of Utopia

You seductress, you took it upon yourself to completely dismantle my carefully, meticulously created constructs. You detonated the walls of my resistance with an atomic bomb. 'Bang bang bang' went the sound of gunshots ricocheting after your complete and utter dismantlement of the walls I had carefully constructed around me. You caressed me with your… Continue reading I Am Still Waiting For Your Promises Of Utopia

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When Clarity Becomes The Much Needed Friend

clar·i·ty [klar-i-tee] —noun clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity. Have you ever experienced that moment of lucidity where everything just falls into place? For the first time in a long time, you have perhaps finally hung the boots and called the chickens to roost about a perception that… Continue reading When Clarity Becomes The Much Needed Friend

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Is Simplicity The Ultimate Sophistication?

'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,' so chimes Capitec ever so vigorously in their bid to sell the dream of convenient banking. 'Keep things simple,' says an enthused Richard Branson - a renown billionaire entrepreneur who has dismantled the status quo with every morsel of his entrepreneurial bone. Why is Richard Branson telling us to keep… Continue reading Is Simplicity The Ultimate Sophistication?

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What If…Would You?

What if you just woke up this morning with optimistic ideals about changing the world. Would you let those ideals and dreams manifest? What if today you have a spring on your step because you have finally bulldozed the debris off your cluttered rubble heap. Would you celebrate this milestone of a newfound change or… Continue reading What If…Would You?

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3 Burning Human Desires: Human Nature At Its Core

Many articles, movies and publications have made reference in a myriad of communication streams that the three primary desires that human beings have are: The desire to be important and influential, the desire to love and belong and the desire to be happy. Without even looking at external influences, think about yourself for a moment.… Continue reading 3 Burning Human Desires: Human Nature At Its Core

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My Two Measly Cents

I too decided to jump onto this bandwagon (weeks after the hype has died down – late bloomer much?!) wrought with racial slurs thrown this way, that way and the other way. What a way to get into the year 2016! Quite naturally when such commentary occurs, we are inclined to clutch our pearl strings… Continue reading My Two Measly Cents

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Indecisiveness – The silent killer

"I think I will take this approach as the benefits seem to outweigh the cons." "No, I think I will actually take the latter approach because even though the benefits are not as weighty as the first approach, they would still suffice." "Oh gosh, I actually don't know what to choose! This is too much… Continue reading Indecisiveness – The silent killer

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Right At This Very Moment

Here I am at 12:43 am, past midnight, wide awake (while everything else around me in the vicinity is still -a tad eerie - and the only sound I can hear is that of me frantically typing away) and musing to myself about the very nature of the human species. The very concept of breathing… Continue reading Right At This Very Moment