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Is Simplicity The Ultimate Sophistication?

'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,' so chimes Capitec ever so vigorously in their bid to sell the dream of convenient banking. 'Keep things simple,' says an enthused Richard Branson - a renown billionaire entrepreneur who has dismantled the status quo with every morsel of his entrepreneurial bone. Why is Richard Branson telling us to keep… Continue reading Is Simplicity The Ultimate Sophistication?

Wordsmith Junkie

Wordsmith Junkie Unpacked

Have you ever heard of a word that was very long and you couldn't pronounce it too confidently and wondered where such is used? Well, you are not alone. One comes across words that are not used in every day language and as such are intriguing. This section will be the hub of interesting words… Continue reading Wordsmith Junkie Unpacked